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Stakeholder-Engagement In The Delivery Of Basic Education In Nigeria

Stakeholder-Engagement In The Delivery Of Basic Education In Nigeria

The department has recently conducted a 5 – day meeting/workshop with State Universal Basic Education Boards (SUBEBs) Social Mobilization Directors on Stakeholder-Engagement in the Delivery of Basic Education in Nigeria at Ni’imah Guest Palace, Kano State from 3rd – 7th September 2018.

The workshop sought to:

  • Establish a formal platform for exchange of ideas with UBEC officials and SUBEB Directors of Social Mobilization on best practices in advocating for UBE, sensitizing and mobilizing stakeholders in favour of UBE delivery
  • Assess the performance of the social mobilization departments and their inputs on the delivery of basic education in States.
  • Review implementation strategies and challenges of social mobilization at National and State levels and proffer solutions on the way forward
  • Develop a social mobilization strategy document with details of activities for promoting basic education.
  • Initiate a formidable strategy for mainstreaming social mobilization in basic education delivery process.

The workshop which was declared open by UBEC Executive Secretary, represented by the Deputy Executive Secretary (Services) had participants which included Directors of Social Mobilization from 34 States and the FCT, UBEC management staff, SBMC Chairman, Kano State, resource persons and stakeholders from DFID, UNICEF as well as support staff from UBEC.

The workshop made the following recommendations towards addressing notable challenges as well as charting a way forward for the improvement of social mobilization in the basic education sub-sector and the attainment of the overall goals of the UBE programme:

    i. Chairmen of SUBEBs should through persuasion be made to understand that the Social Mobilization Department is critical to all basic education delivery process           and that social mobilization should be integrated into the major basic education delivery activities 

    ii. Establishment of Social Mobilization departments in SUBEBs where such structures do not exist, especially Borno, Kaduna and Ondo SUBEBs

    iii. UBEC should develop funding arrangement  for Social Mobilization programmes at all levels

    iv. SUBEBs should provide annual budgetary allocation for Social Mobilization activities and also ensure accountability and transparency in the implementation of                 such budgets

    v. The roles of the Directors of Social Mobilization as well as Social Mobilization Officers should be further specified by UBEC to SUBEBs and the LGEAs

    vi. The Social Mobilization departments should identify and seek functional partnerships with International Development Partners (IDPs), Organized Private Sectors,           NGOs FBOs, CBOs etc. to key into UBE delivery

    vii. SUBEBs should develop strategic work plans for carrying out their activities

    viii. SUBEBs should ensure regular capacity building for its Social Mobilization Officers at both SUBEB and LGEA levels

    ix. The Kano training for SUBEB DSMs should be cascaded at the SUBEB and LGEA level especially focusing on the major themes of the workshop

    x. SUBEBs and LGEAs should ensure the establishment of functional SBMCs at every basic education institution in Nigeria, in accordance with the guideline

    xi. DSMs should lead the vanguard for team work and professional networking among social mobilization personnel at all levels

    xii. In view of the cross-cutting nature of social mobilization in all UBE delivery activities, an interdepartmental Social Mobilization Committee should be established              at UBEC and SUBEBs.  Membership of the Committee should include:

Perm. Board Member (Supervising 

Social Mobilization Department)                                     - Chairman

Board Secretary/Perm. Secretary                                   - Member

Director Social Mobilization                                             - Member

Deputy Directors from other Depts.                                 - Member

SUBEB PRO                                                                    - Member

Deputy Director in the Social 

Mobilization Department.                                                  - Secretary


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